Is like inline skating

Built for speed and streamlined, it’s true

The new way to go: version ten-point-o

but in reality it’s a clumsy and bootlike shoe

when all you want to do is tip toe

into happiness and sunset bliss

Happily ever after ten when my kids are tucked in

and I’m scrolling through out my inbox

There’s 19 winks and 29 flirts from some “Mr Silver Fox”

who’s thrice my age and 2,000 miles from where I sift and sort

(I’m changing the filter on this strange vending machine, old sport)

All I wanted was a simple life

dream a few dreams and be a devoted wife

in a garden of stars with a tree swing by the sea

(oh, and a ring) washing dishes and cars

counting on things that always return

like tree frogs in June and school in September

but he forgot to remember

I do’s became I don’ts

I will’s became I wont’s

and always faded into never