Since her childhood in southern California and later in upstate New York, Sarah (Edwards) Stewart has found joy and fascination in nature. She connected with her environment very literally with her hands in the soil, growing and planting and even making her own clay. Sarah spent her early days reading, stargazing, picking up rocks and seashells, climbing trees, catching insects and drawing everything that inspired her. Science and art and their many intersections were her first loves.

She attended Brigham Young University to pursue a path in horticulture but she later changed paths to nursing. While in nursing school she never put down her paintbrush or pens, but had opted for an organic canvas: chalky white seashells. To Sarah, seashells are a microcosm for many aspects of life. She graduated with her bachelors in Nursing from Northwest Florida State College and worked in various subspecialties of nursing all while feeling the increasing pull back to the arts.

In the past Sarah has worked in diverse mediums including resin, glass, wood carvings and ink illustration. She writes poems as a way of chronicling and processing life experiences and making observations. Sarah’s subtle toned plaster bas reliefs are full of texture. Her work is now evolving, perhaps coming full circle back to clay.

She, her dog and her three children, (who put up with her art taking over areas of the house), live amongst the pines and quartz sand trails of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

“I am struck by moments in nature whose essence find their way into my work. Many of my pieces are diptychs which speak to my desire for duality and balance especially asymmetrical. Nothing in nature, as it was created to exist, is out of balance and yet there is beauty in imperfection and a wholeness to the natural world. I hope those who see my work will seek out and savor moments in nature allowing themselves to be transformed by what they feel and experience there. The divine is all around us.”