30A local artist Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart is a bas relief plaster artist, poet and illustrator who has called the Emerald Coast home for 25 years.  Her work can be found at The Studio Gallery in Grayton Beach, FL and  Arriaga Jewelry in Seacrest, FL. She and her artist father, William Edwards have a studio in Blue Mountain Beach, FL where they meet clients by appt.

Sarah grew up in New York but got to the South as quick as she could.  She finds inspiration in nature, travels and music. When not creating in the studio she loves to take shelling trips with her three children and support the arts in her community. She created a line of illustrated seashells to share positive messages in 2009 called Sarah’s Reef. Her faith plays a central and defining role in her life. 

available works


“The Yellow Umbrella” 48×48
“Azul” 24×48 (x2)
“Everglades Sunrise” 48×48